Rectory Farm

Education in the Countryside

General questions

How long, has the farm been in your family?

How many people work on the farm?

Has it always been a mixed farm?

What is your main crop?

Is this for profit or for animal feed?

Which crops are growing at the moment?

Which crop grows most quickly?

Which most slowly?

Which crop needs most looking after?

Which crop needs most spent on it to keep it fed and pest free?

Do you grow any crops organically, if so what?

What large mobile equipment do you have?

What piece of equipment is used most often?

Which is the most expensive to run and keep?

Which crop needs most works?

Does the climate influence what you do?

Do the soils influence farming here?

Has the EC influenced the way you farm?

How many fields are kept as set-aside?

Do you receive Government subsidies, if so for what?

What measures are you taking to protect the environment?

Is the farm a 7 day a week job for you?

Do you have time of eg. holidays, week-ends?

How long is your farming day?

Do you work harder/longer hours at certain times of the year ?

How many sheep and cattle do you have?

Do they have names?

How many lambs have been born so far?

When were they born?

Will any more be born this year, if so when?

What happens to the sheep when the lambs are about to be born?

How do you look after the baby lambs?

Why are some bottle fed?

What happens to a lamb if the mother dies?

What happens if triplets are born?

How long do lambs stay with their mothers?

What happens when they grow up?

Which lambs are sold and when?

Which market do you use?

What happens to the older sheep?

How are the sheep kept healthy?

How do you feed the sheep in winter when the grass stops growing?

Where are the cattle kept?

How long do you keep them?

Which market do you use?

Mr George Eaton, Rectory Farm, Tingewick.

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