Rectory Farm

Education in the Countryside

Farm quiz

1. What and where are two trees growing, as one?

2. It’s a living tree but looks as if it’s had a chimney fire?

3. Where is the only Hornbeam on the farm?

4. Where can you find bristles that used to be used in shaving brushes?

5. Where was there a bridge on the farm?

6. Where is the bridge now?

7. Where did you see a man with a gun?

8. Where is the only Lime (Tilia sp.) tree on the farm?

9. They should be by a motorway. What are they and where are they?

10. Two types of sleeper?

11. Where is the No 7?

12. Where can you go under the railway?

13. What catches magpies?

14. Where is the old track to the buildings?

15. They are American and kill their English cousins with the plague?

16. Two types of original railway fencing?

17. Where is the box No?

18. Where is a water trough fed by gravity?

19. It should not be nailed to a tree, what is it and where is it?

20. It’s twisted?

21. A big hole that stone came out of?

22. It’s slowly killing the tree?

23. They shouldn’t be in the fence line, but they fill a gap and sort of match?

24. You lay a....?

25. You pollard a....?

26. It’s upside down to help otters and pheasants?

27. What job is the 40 gallon oil drum doing?

28. Two poisonous plants by the river?

29. Beeching closed it?

30. It’s not a gate but it keeps animals in?

31. Who’s ‘spring cleaning’ their home on the railway?

32. Charlie, Brock, Old Sally and Harnser, what are they?

Mr George Eaton, Rectory Farm, Tingewick.

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